When I kick the autoDJ and begin streaming live, Centova Cast reports an outage

OR when I kick the autoDJ prior to streaming live, the autoDJ takes a long time to reconnect after I disconnect my live source. The autoDJ should never be "kicked" using ShoutCast's "kick source" feature.

This is about SHOUTcast v1 because SHOUTcast v2 and ICEcast be switched automatically form autoDJ to live broadcast and vice versa, so for SHOUTcast v2 and ICEcast there is no need to disable-enable or stop-start your AutoDJ. In any case the autoDJ should never be "kicked".

Your DJs should always stop the autoDJ before broadcasting live, and restart the autoDJ when their broadcast is complete.
This is explained...
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If Centova Cast shows your source status as "Remote" and won't let you deactivate the autoDJ or skip songs, this is the result of kicking the autoDJ. In some cases, the kicked source will remain running in the background, and the next time a legitimate source disconnects, the kicked source will reconnect to the server. Because the kicked source is no longer under Centova Cast's control, Centova Cast will not be able to stop or disconnect it.

This can be prevented by stopping the autoDJ properly rather than kicking it. Once a kicked autoDJ has "gone remote", however, you will need to reboot your server which will solve the problem automatically.


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