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With HS services's email forwarding service, you can create email addresses for your domains and forward them to any other valid email address. You can also add a "catch-all" address that will forward any mail sent to your domain that does not have a valid e-mail address to an e-mail address of your choice.

name1@yourdomain.com to name2@anotherdomain.com
  • If an e-mail is sent to name1@yourdomain.com

it will forward to name2@anotherdomain.com.


name3@yourdomain.com to name4@anotherdomain.com
  • If an e-mail is sent to name3@yourdomain.com

it will forward to name4@anotherdomain.com.


  • If an e-mail is sent to ghfhg@yourdomain.com

(or any other invalid address at your domain)
it will forward to name5@anotherdomain.com.



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