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2024-06-02 | 12:55:35

Web-Based DNS Management allows you to use nameservers located at HS services for your domain. Using just your Internet browser, you have total control over the DNS records for your domain, without the hassle or cost of maintaining your own DNS server.

Using your Internet browser you can add and edit the following Records:

A - Alias records

MX - Mail Server records

NS - Name Server Records

CNAME - Canonical records

URL Forwarding

URL Forwarding service is perfect for people who want to redirect their domain to another URL that is too long or too difficult to remember. You can use URL Forwarding services to forward your domain to any URL you choose. We offer both Masked and Unmasked URL Forwarding.

Masked URL Forwarding

Masked URL Forwarding forwards your domain to any URL that you would like. The true URL of the website does not appear in the address bar of a user's browser and the domain name being forwarded appears in its place.

When to use Masked URL Forwarding:

  • Forwarding to a longer URL If you have created a profile at a social networking website or a free site that gives you a long URL, register your own domain and forward it these longer URLs. Your users won't have to memorize a long URL, instead they can just type in your domain. Masked URL Forwarding will hide the long URL so your users only have to type in the domain you registered at HS services.

Unmasked URL Forwarding

Unmasked URL Forwarding forwards your domain to any URL that you would like. The true URL of the website will appear in the address bar of a user's browser. Unmasked URL Forwarding is great for people that have multiple domains and want to forward it to their main website but want the user to see their main website's address.

When to use Unmasked URL Forwarding:

  • Protecting your Identity If you already have a .com domain, to protect your online identity, register all domain extensions like .net, org, info, biz, us, and mobi and forward these domains to your main .com address. If a user types in the .net address, it will forward automatically to the .com domain and show the user the real .com address. This will ensure that your users will reach your website and know what the true address is for future surfing.
  • Domain Misspellings Register all misspellings for your domain name and forward the misspelled domain names to the true URL. If the user types in the misspelling, they will automatically be forwarded to the correct website, with the correct address.


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