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2024-04-10 | 19:15:57

Order your Android Radio App for your SHOUTcast or IceCast server. We will create your app and we will place it at our Download Library. You can place your app at your Website for download. You and your listeners can install this app on Android Devices and listen to your Radio Station. Artist & Track Info("Now Playing"). Your Social Links. Ads Free. Chat, communicate in real time with your listeners.

If you like to customize your app, please submit a ticket and inform us about your Facebook, Twitter and Web site URLs.
You must do this before App creation, so do it immediately after your order, if not you will not be able to customize your App later.
The customisation is optional, you can have your app without Chat screen or without social links.

HS services Radio App:

App Icon

App Home Page App SHOUTbox App Social Links

A player for your radio station on Android Devices.

App features:

- Player for SHOUTcast or IceCast
- Push Notification
- Scrollable Artist's top Albums Images
- Artist & Track Info
- Your Social Links
- MP3 only (AAC, OGG not supported)
- Ads Free
- Chat

To download this demo app from our Download Library, please follow with your Android Device this Link:
Download HS services Radio App
Download this app on your android device and don't forget to enable "Unknown sources" at your Android "Settings" > "Security" to install this App.


Free for all of our Centova Cast and MSCP PRO Users.



You have not a streamimng server with HS services.

ORDER NOW! 29.99EUR One Time!!!


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