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SHOUTcast Streaming Instructions with MSCP Pro+ Control Panel

For a Live Broadcast with SHOUTcast and MSCP Pro+ control panel, please download and install Mixxx, the most advanced free Streaming software and follow instruction below:

For Windows and MAC users.
Download Mixxx, the most advanced free DJ software:

Mixxx 2.0.0 For Windows 64-bit

Mixxx 2.0.0 For Windows 32-bit

Mixxx 2.0.0 For Mac Intel 10.5+

Mixxx 1.11.0 For Mac PPC 10.5

Extract ZIP or 7z File and follow instructions included at ZIP or 7z File to install the software.

1. Run Mixxx and choose "Options" > "Preferences":

2. At "Mixxx Preferences" window choose "Interface" > "Skin LateNight" to use this nice skin and press "OK" to save:

3. At "Mixxx Preferences" window choose "Live Broadcasting" and use the settings of the following image:

Click "OK" at "Mixxx Preferences" window.
If your settings are not correct, Mixxx will inform you,
(In this case, check again your settings at "Mixxx Preferences" window):

If everything is OK, Mixxx will inform you:

4. Load your mp3s at Decks of Mixxx and click "play" button.

If your AutoDJ is running, keep ready your streaming software for connection, "Kick" your AutoDJ from your MSCP Pro+ control panel and connect immediately your streaming software:

Or from your MSCP Pro+ control panel you can create "Broadcast Operators", they can "Kick" your AutoDJ for live broadcast, but they have access to "Broadcast Operator Panel" only:

In any case, after live streaming software disconnection, AutoDJ will be connected automatically.

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