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Shoutcast Streaming DEMO and Streaming Instructions - WinAmp

Download, extract ZIP files and install WinAmp and Shoutcast DSP plug-in. Follow the instructions in this article and try our free SHOUTcast Demo.

SHOUTcast v2 with AutoDJ enabled.

Download, Extract 7z Files and Install WinAmp and Shoutcast DSP plug-in

1. Run WinAmp and choose "Options" > "Preferences":

2. At "Winamp Preferences" window choose
"DSP/Effect" > "Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP v2.3.3 [dsp_sc.dll]"
and click "Configure active plug-in":

3. At "Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source" window
at "Output" > "Encoder" and "Output" > "Login"
use the settings of the following images for this demo stream:

or you must create a DJ Account in your Centova Cast Control Panel
and replace with the settings of your stream.

About DJ Account Click Here.

4. At "Output" > "Directory"
replace "Unnamed Server" with a Name for Your Radio:

5. Click "Connect" and DO NOT CLOSE "Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source" window.

6. Close "Winamp Preferences" window
load your mp3s in Winamp and click "play" button.

CLICK HERE for SHOUTcast Admin Page

CLICK HERE for Stream Start Page

Centova Cast Demo - Take a Tour
Centova Cast AutoDJ
SHOUTcast Control Panel
Centova Cast - AutoDJ - SHOUTcast Control Panel - Take a Tour

For Shoutcast v1 or Shoutcast v2 with AutoDJ disabled, WinAmp Streaming Instructions Click Here.

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