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Centova Cast V 2 AutoDJ

Here you can find useful information about Centova Cast v2 Auto DJ. Enable and configure Auto DJ, upload your MP3s. FileZilla FTP Uploads.
SHOUTcast v2 and ICEcast be switched automatically form autoDJ to live broadcast and vice versa, so for SHOUTcast v2 and ICEcast there is no need to disable-enable or stop-start your AutoDJ.

a) Upload MP3s to Server:

Use FileZilla to upload mp3s into "MEDIA" folder (IMPORTANT!!! into "MEDIA" FOLDER only).

Don't delete folders and upload MP3s into "MEDIA" folder only.

Here you can download FileZilla:


and here is a tutorial on how to use FileZilla:


At Filezilla use:

Host: Server Address, same with the one you use at WinAmp for streaming.

Username: Centova Cast Control Panel Username.

Password: Centova Cast Control Panel Password.


b) At Centova Cast Control Panel:

1. "Stop Server"

2. "Configure Server" > "AutoDJ" > At AutoDJ status: choose "Enabled" > click "Update" to save

3. "Media Library" > "Update Media library" > once the update completed click "Media Library" once again

4. Drag and Drop songs to "Heavy Rotation" > "Return to control panel"

5. "Start Server"


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