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Centova Cast V 2 AutoDJ

Here you can find useful information about Centova Cast v2 Auto DJ. Enable and configure Auto DJ, upload your MP3s. FileZilla FTP Uploads.

a) Upload MP3s to Server:

Use FileZilla to upload mp3s into "MEDIA" folder (IMPORTANT!!! into "MEDIA" FOLDER only).

Don't delete folders and upload MP3s into "MEDIA" folder only.

Here you can download FileZilla:


and here is a tutorial on how to use FileZilla:


At Filezilla use:

Host: Server Address, same with the one you use at WinAmp for streaming.

Username: Centova Cast Control Panel Username.

Password: Centova Cast Control Panel Password.


b) At Centova Cast Control Panel:

1. "Stop Server"

2. "Configure Server" > "AutoDJ" > At AutoDJ status: choose "Enabled" > click "Update" to save

3. "Media Library" > "Update Media library" > once the update completed click "Media Library" once again

4. Drag and Drop songs to "Heavy Rotation" > "Return to control panel"

5. "Start Server"


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